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E-Book Series: Part 1 – Education

The education industry is focused on making sure that students understand concepts and are able to apply them outside of the classroom. While that understanding begins in the classroom, it also extends to students’ families. Engaging parents and caregivers, holding parent-teacher conferences, conducting new family and student introductions, establishing student placement, developing curriculum, writing memos, overseeing student conduct, notifying families of school closings or weather alerts, ensuring access to school websites and obtaining consent forms all require that appropriate translation be provided.

If a student’s native language differs from what the school teaches, understanding becomes more challenging. Not only is it required by civil rights laws, but translation is important to securing a positive and valuable education experience for non-native speaking students and their families.

We recently released an ebook about why the education industry needs professional translation. Unfortunately, the onus of translation is often put on the students themselves or their family members who are often not fluent enough to translate adequately. Professional translation services companies need to tackle this issue head on and help to create institutions where students and their families have all of the tools necessary to create an effective and people-focused learning environment.

The ebook covers important topics like:

  • The reality of translation in education
  • Understanding professional translation
  • Addressing family concerns
  • Compliance with legislation

To learn more, download the entire education ebook below: