Argo Translation, Inc. Now Offering Automatic Quarterly Reports

Argo Translation, Inc. announced today that they are now offering an automatic quarterly report for all current and future Argo clients and customers. Argo recently reformatted their estimates to simplify and consolidate the information to make the information easier to understand. As part of that project they were able to also compile data by contact and by client into very useful quarterly reports. Pricing for translation services can be very complex. The latest update to Argo’s project management system provides complete transparency in terms of all of the components that make up the net cost of a project. Argo has extended these abilities to provide the data to their clients on every estimate and summarized in a quarterly report.

The report has four key components. The first is a list of completed projects for the quarter. This section features important information by project like the number of words, gross cost, translation memory deductions, net cost as well as project duration and an on-time delivery indicator. The other three sections include a bar chart illustrating the amount of money spent by language, a list of all current open estimates and projects that are awaiting approval, and a list of of total expenditures by year along with a percentage of the increase or decrease in spending year over year. The report also lists the amount of money saved due to translation memory discounts.

Current President and Operations Manager of Argo Translation, Peter Argondizzo, is excited to debut the new automatic reports and looks forward to customer reactions. Argondizzo explains, “After some preliminary testing with a few of our key accounts, we have listened carefully to the responses and made appropriate changes where necessary. The report is now ready to be debuted to all current Argo clients. We are currently one of the only translation vendors offering this type of transparency and we know our customers appreciate it.”

Screen shots of the report can be viewed in a current Argo blog post.