What is video remote interpretation

What is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)?

Video Remote Interpreting is used in medical offices, counseling appointments, training events, and other venues to provide live visual interpretation through a computer monitor, a television screen, or other audio-visual equipment. In this article we’ll define video remote interpretation and talk about when it’s best used. – What is Video Remote Interpretation? Video remote interpretation…

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Client translation review tips

Client Translation Review Tips

It may be called many things – client review, subject matter expert (SME) review, internal review, etc. Let’s talk about the client translation review and what you should keep in mind when you’re planning to setup a review team for your translation projects. What is a Client Translation Review? A client review process is when…

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Designing eLearning Courses

5 Localization Tips for Designing eLearning Courses

Let’s cover some helpful localization tips when designing eLearning courses because they are continuing to grow in popularity and have become the preferred method for business instruction. These platforms are especially convenient when employees are based in different geographic locations making it an ideal solution when the instruction has to be delivered to a multilingual…

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Medical Device Translation Requirements

As soon as June 2021, manufacturers who do not comply with the new European Union Medical Device Regulation could have to pull their products off the market in all EU countries. What is the MDR? In basic terms, the MDR defines what regulations must be followed to sell a medical device in the European Union….

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How to Write Localized Content

Developing a marketing plan to stand out from the competition can be challenging in the crowded online business landscape. When it comes to international growth, whether you’re just starting out as a brand new company or have an established brand identity, customers need to connect with your content during all stages of their content journey….

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